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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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 Since its inception, BUUF has held an Annual Retreat over a weekend. Every retreat has a different theme ranging from personal development to congregational planning. BUUF members and friends are often joined by a visiting minister or the ANZUA president who takes part in leading the retreat.

BUUF Retreats are an indispensable element in the life of our community, as they serve several essential purposes. Whatever it is the community needs from year to year, we gather at the Retreat to address that need. It is an intentional time to integrate new members into the community. It is a concentrated block of time to accomplish the work of the congregation. It is a time to study a new subject or reflect on old ones. It is always a time away from everyday life, where together we refresh and rejuvenate as well as develop and deepen our friendships.

The Retreat is held in the later half of the year between August-October with the date varying year to year. The retreat begins on Friday night as members travel to the retreat site, have dinner together, settle in and prepare for the weekend.

Saturday usually includes workshops or seminars on the Retreat theme, free time to explore surroundings or to rest, a dinner accompanied by entertainment and an evening session of reflection or further workshopping. Sunday morning service is traditionally led by a visiting minister followed by lunch.

In the past, the Retreat has been the time when the Annual General Meeting was held. In recent times, this practice is changing as it makes more sense to hold the AGM at the beginning of the financial year in conjunction with the years planning.

The Retreat could be called the ultimate gathering of the Brisbane Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Members, members families, friends and newcomers join in the Retreat and it is often our largest gathering of the year.



The Next Retreat
For more information about this years Retreat, please see the Sunday Services page.

The sunrise photograph was taken at a recent retreat, held at Springbrook in the Gold Coast Hinterland in QLD (approximately two hours drive from Brisbane). We have held retreats here for the last few years.