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This list also includes some sites with streaming video - they are identified as videos in the description.

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

The UUA is an organization primarily made up of Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships in the United States. This site is the most comprehensive UU information site on the Internet today. Keeping in mind that the UUA site records the American perspective, it is a good place to start as most things you want to know and more can be found here! Of particular use are their sections on history, spiritual resources, education, social action and world events.

International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU)

The ICUU is a network of Unitarian and Universalist organizations throughout the world. If you want to know more about whats happening in the rest of the world (Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, North and South Americas), this is the site to see. Check out their Members Groups page to learn about organizations and congregations throughout the world including website links.

General Assembly of Unitarians and Free Christian Churches (UK)

If you want to know more about Unitarianism in the UK, this is the place to start. Abbreviated as the GA, for General Assembly, this organization is the British version of the American UUA and the Australian-New Zealand ANZUA. Historically, ANZUUA congregations sprang from the UK tradition.

Australia New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association (ANZUUA)

ANZUUA is an organization made up of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships throughout Australia and New Zealand. This site is frequently updated so check back often to see what is new in Australian and New Zealand congregations.

100 Questions that non-members ask about Unitarian Universalism

A collection of common questions and answers put together by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

"What in Gods name am I doing" - streaming video of a presentation by Robert Fulghum
(author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and other books)

Watch a video about Unitarian Universalism 
Members and ministers share their thoughts on worship and fellowship, explain the goals of religious education, explore the historic roots of our religion, and celebrate the spirit of social justice that inspires our faith.
A perspective from a large Unitarian congregation in the USA.

Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF)

The Church of the Larger Fellowship is a congregation of religious liberals and other individuals who live throughout the world. The CLF functions as a virtual church or fellowship providing congregational services and resources primarily to religious liberals who live in isolated parts of the world or in communities where no established religious liberal group exists. In addition to coordinating a world community of religious liberals, this site offers a wealth of UU resources for services, spiritual education and study, childrens programming and social action.

Council of Secular Humanism

Many Unitarians in Australia and New Zealand identify philosophically with the principles of Humanism. This American website gives a solid introduction to Secular Humanism including definitions, publications and history as well as a rich library of links to Humanist information sites and groups throughout the world including the Council of Australian Humanist Societies, with a representative branch in each state.

Sea of Faith in Australia (SoFiA)

SoFiA is a network of Australians who are seeking a radical reappraisal of past religious traditions in order to meet todays spiritual challenges. The network affirms the continuing importance of religious thought and practice, and sees religion as a field of creative human endeavour which must be ever-changing to remain relevant. There are also Sea of Faith groups in New Zealand and the UK. Links to their sites can be found on the Australian SoFiA page.

Belief Net - Assessment of your beliefs and corresponding best fit religion

Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Maticâ„¢ knows. On this web site you can answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and the Belief-O-Maticâ„¢ software will assess what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing.


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If you are interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalists, or other Unitarian Universalist gatherings in Australia or overseas, or want more information about liberal religious movements we recommend these sites..

Come Back Regularly Each of these sites have quality links that are updated often so use these as your starting point in your exploration of Unitarian Universalism and religious liberalism in Australia and throughout the world.